Nibbly Things: Cameron & Justin To Wed, Naomi’s Slap Happy & More

> Cameron Diaz & Justin Timberlake To Finalize Unholy Alliance
If this ever actually happens, it will last two minutes. [Ananova]
> Naomi Campbell Still Maid Slap Happy
Memo to all maids: Do not go to work for Naomi Campbell. [NYDN]
> Alleged Zeta-Jones Stalker to Be Examined
Please, the woman took two sleeping pills. [AP]
> Mike Wallace Handcuffed, and Not in the Good Way
Who knew that the 86-year-old Mike Wallace could still lunge at someone. [AP]
> Rick Fox is Divorcing Vanessa Williams
How did she let him beat her to filing. Sad attempt at making him look good. [CNN]