Nibbly Things: Calvin Klien’s Soiree, Men, Riley Presley and More

> Calvin’s Hampton’s Soiree
Elegant or trashy. Read the trashy version at Gawker. [NYP]
> A Public Service Announcement For Women
Can I get an amen? [Eurotrash]
> Lisa Marie Presley’s Won’t Let Daughter Riley Turn Into a “Dumb Twit” Like Paris and Nicky
“She doesn’t look like a tramp. She doesn’t have that . . . whole ‘I’m-gonna-be-a-sexy-teenager’ thing.” [NYP]
> Britney’s Quickie Husband Gives Scandalous Marriage Details
“The sex was mind-blowing and rough. We did it in every position you could think of.” Who would have thought? [Thighs Wide Shut]
> 11 Murders in New York City Over the Weekend
This doesn’t quite make me as happy to be back in the city as I was before I read this news. [Gothamist]

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