Nibbly Things: Crocodile Tears For Bernard Lacoste

March 23rd, 2006 // 2 Comments


  • Bernard Lacoste, who spent more than 40 years at the helm of the Lacoste clothing empire best known for its crocodile-embossed polo shirts, has died, the company said Wednesday. [AP]
  • Momma Britney Spears and her son spend the weekend at a hotel only minutes away from their Malibu mansion, while hubby Kevin Federline stays at home, occasionally visiting his family. Does that constitute moving out? [US Weekly]
  • Kylie Minogue is readying a comeback. She’s playing around with lyrics for a new album. Meanwhile, it’s been revealed Kylie’s recovery from cancer is going so well her hair is beginning to grow back. Good to hear. [FemaleFirst]
  • Porn star Savanna Samson launched her own wine, with her alluring picture on the label, and then it received a score of 90 to 91 out of 100 by wine guru Robert Parker, the project became serious. Does she squeeze her own grapes? [Reuters]
  • Why doesn’t Gina Gershon realize that she’s a C-lister. She halted production of the pilot for the ABC fall prime-time soap “Ugly Betty,” and demanded that she be allowed to keep a $650 pair of shoes when the producers tried to get her to sign her contract without the benefit of a lawyer. [Daily Dish]
  • Jennifer Aniston is over LA, and she’s thinking about moving to Chicago. So she can be near to Oprah. [The Sun]
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    Well rest in peace Bernard Lacoste .. and about Gina well just like Jenny said on .. Gina is sexy and abc doesnt get that many ratings so they should listen to her demands. That girl is just too sexy and im sure she’d bring the ratings up on that show. So who cares if she is a biatch .. even thou Showgirls sucked Gina is talented.

  2. I just *love* when people blame LA for their crappy lives…like it’s LA’s fault your life is such a disaster.

    News flash – when you move to Chicago you will be taking your biggest problen – YOU!

    It’s hardly the town that is shallow – it’s the low-life shallow jack-holes you hang out with. You can find insincere, brown-nosers anywhere – don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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