Nibbly Things: Celine Dion, Celebrity Impressionist


  • We thought that Celine Dion imitating Madonna was strange, her Michael Jackson is even odder. [Bore Me]
  • Tom Cruise freaks out some Yahoos. [Valleywag]
  • Are Hilary Clinton and John McCain on the campaign trail for 2008 already? [Queerty]
  • Jonathan Antin got into an argument with a girlfriend, back in 1997. The fight became physical. A few pushes later, Antin ended up in jail — busted for domestic violence. It seems as if he’s still dealing with those anger issues. [TMZ]
  • How did we find the out about Jonathan Antin’s brush with the law? We hand picked this one from the dozens of emails that we receive each day from TMZ publicist, Gillian Sheldon. [Gawker]
  • Kate Moss has done a good deed. She has set up a new charity set up in remembrance of her friend who died in 2004’s Indian Ocean tsunami. [SFG Daily Dish]
  • More on Scientology from the inside (which is composed of huge amounts of hot air). [Papermag Blogs]