Nibbly Things: Coldplay’s Not Going Away

  • Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, has put to rest rumors of a the break up of the band. They’re just on a break. [E! Online]
  • Lisa Marie Presley marries for the fourth time. She married guitarist and music producer Michael Lockwood in a ceremony in Kyoto, Japan. [AP]
  • Guess who’s going to Disneyland? Michele Kwan is now the celebrity representative for the Walt Disney Co. [Reuters]
  • Gary Busey, alcohol (or drugs), and airport security don’t mix well. [Jossip]
  • It looks like Debbie Rowe received a nice deal from Michael Jackson. He did pay her about four or five million dollars up front, gave her a mansion in Beverly Hills, and then was to pay $900,000 a year for a number of years if she abided by agreement terms.” Not too shabby. [TMZ]