Nibbly Things: Courtney Love And The Bean

  • Frances Bean Cobain is now back with Courtney Love, after the cash strapped rocker won back full custody of her daughter. Keep it clean sweetie. [Page Six]
  • Model Carolyn Murphy had her ex-husband, Jake Schroeder, arrested on extortion charges after he tried to sell the graphic sex tape. You go girl. [Page Six]
  • Renee Zellwegger and Kenny Chesney are still friends. So does that make Renee a fag hag? [AP]
  • What twosome makes up one of the most bizarre dining couples? Lindsay Lohan and Yoko Ono. The pair had dinner at Jewel Bako where the two discussed Lohan’s role in her upcoming John Lennon film. [R&M]
  • A doctor has confirmed that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s baby will be beautiful. And all of you thought I was lying. [ABC News]
  • Rich and under 25. Bitches. [Forbes]
  • You knew that celebrities loved some weed, right? [City Rag]
  • Some sad news. Mary-Kate Olsen has bought an engagement ring for herself. []