Nibbly Things: Cocaine Has Been Good To Kate Moss

  • Kate Moss has landed a deal with Virgin to endorse their new cocaine powered cellphones. [Reuters]
  • The case of the college ID, Jenna Bush, and the FBI. Fascinating. [Page Six]
  • We learn nothing new about Mischa Barton. As if we really would care to. [Lowdown]
  • Matt Damon is set to become a father. He and his fianceé Luciana Barroso are expecting their first child together. Apparently Violet Affleck wanted a playmate. [Access Hollywood]
  • Yoga, not studying, is what makes Mary-Kate Olsen happy. I’m glad we got that cleared up. [Page Six]
  • It is confusing to know which finger to wear a ring, and not have the tabloids speculate that you’re engaged. [R&M]
  • Jessica Simpson may make the move and set up residence in New York. Where she will be eaten alive. [Life & Style]
  • Rapper Foxy Brown – broke and not not deaf. [Page Six]