Nibbly Things: Corey Clark’s Incriminating Evidence

  • Corey Clark’s lawyer said the former “American Idol” contestant has “explicit” and “incriminating” evidence into their alleged affair. Clark is not planning on revealing what that evidence is. In other words, he ain’t got shit. [AP]
  • It looks as if Apple has settled with Eminem for the commercial Apple aired featuring an iPod-equipped 10-year-old boy singing along to “Lose Yourself,” Eminem’s Oscar-winning theme from 8 Mile. No terms of the deal were given. [E Online]
  • Ron Mwangaguhunga reflects on the latest Anna Nicole Smith column in The National Enquirer. He doesn’t finish it. [The Corsair]
  • Who would have thought at you would every hear the phrase, “Christina Applegate, Tony nominee.” [AP]