Nibbly Things: Charlie Trotter’s Fois Grais

  • Superchef Charlie Trotter is in a little hot water over the Fois Grais controversy. While he has taken it off his menu (at his famed Chicago Charlie Trotter’s), and banned the product, he still served it to his friends. He served the delicacy in not one, not two, but three courses. This was just after he was quoted in the Chicago Tribune saying, “I don’t believe that any animal would have to go through that for our benefit.” Nice. [Page Six]
  • It seems a few years ago Pat O’Brien had aspirations of entering politics. “I’ve always said that when I’m done with television maybe I’ll move back to South Dakota and run for Governor,” O’Brien said. “This is not a whim, it’s something I’ve thought a lot about.” Don’t think that’s going to be happening anytime soon. [Volante]
  • Who’s the celebrity couple with the worst luck. Why that’s Ozzy and Sharon Osborne of course. They had to flee their mansion when a fire broke out. No one was injured, but they were treated for smoke inhalation. The family has been burglarized, Ozzy almost died in a quad bike crash, two sets of rehabs for the kids, Sharon’s cancer, and we could go on. [BBC]
  • Is Mary-Kate Olsen moving back to L.A.? Well, the sale of the loft the twins never moved into lends some credibility to this rumor. Actually, I think it would be more fun to have the girls on opposite coasts. Plus, I’ve always thought of Mary-Kate as more west coast. [Star]
  • Judith Regan, Fabian Basabe, Lorne Michaels, Lindsay Lohan, Nick Denton, Bill O’Reilly, Tony Danza, Andrea Peyser. What do they all have in common. They are some of the luminaries on the list of the 50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers. [NY Press]
  • That crazy Kimberly Stewart, daughter of Rod, couldn’t hold it any longer while Paris Hilton was holed up in the bathroom stall. So she peed in the sink. Paris’ comments – “You dirty bitch!” “That’s hot!” UPDATE: Bad me. I read the story wrong. It wasn’t Kimberly Stewart who peed in the sink. She was just in the stall with Paris. Bad, Miu. [Page Six]