Nibbly Things: Camilla’s A Queen and More

Say Hello To Queen Camilla
Diana rolls in her grave once more. [AP]
Sean P. Diddy Combs And Tivo
Tivo or Die! [Banterist]
Second Project Runway Season To Debut This Summer
I’m so happy this is coming back. With a pregnant Heidi Klum. [TV Guide]
Michael Jackson Late To Court With Flu?
How do celebrities get such severe cases of the flu? [E Online]
The Village People Try And Go Straight
They don’t want to be pigeonholed as a gay act. Little to late for that. [Page Six]
The David Spade Penis Nose
So there is still a reason to watch SNL. [Defamer]
That Wacky NYPD
Ah, solicitation of a prostitute, not paying for the blowjob, and the prostitute turning out to be a man. Priceless. [Gothamist]
Pat O’Brien In Rehab
Ah, Pat. You need to stop hanging around my office. [Jossip]