Nibbly Things: Catherine Zeta Jones Driver Thwarts Kidnapping

Catherine Zeta Jones’ Attempted Mexico City Kidnapping Scare
Catherine?s driver seized the opportunity to put his foot down and whisk her out of harm?s way. I know just what Catherine felt like. Having just recently been in Mexico City, I found myself having to thwart off potential kidnappers at least twice a day. I was forced to travel in a 1990 Volkswagen Bug. [The Corsair]
Paris Hilton Get’s Pretty Girl Fired
Apparently Paris thought Ellen Hollman was too pretty, and got her fired from National Lampoon’s: Pledge This. How sad. [Superficial]
The Scissor Sister’s Were Here
And I didn’t know about it. In the future, please alert me too all Scissor Sisters New York City performances. [Do You Feel Loved?]
Madonna Wanted To Bed George Michael Back in the Day
What straight woman hasn’t come on to a gay man at some point in her life. [Hindustan Times]
Page Six Throws a Hissy Fit
Mary-Kate’s publicist lied. Shocking. [NYP]