Nibbly Things: Catherine Zeta Jones Driver Thwarts Kidnapping

September 12th, 2004 // Leave a Comment

Catherine Zeta Jones’ Attempted Mexico City Kidnapping Scare
Catherine?s driver seized the opportunity to put his foot down and whisk her out of harm?s way. I know just what Catherine felt like. Having just recently been in Mexico City, I found myself having to thwart off potential kidnappers at least twice a day. I was forced to travel in a 1990 Volkswagen Bug. [The Corsair]
Paris Hilton Get’s Pretty Girl Fired
Apparently Paris thought Ellen Hollman was too pretty, and got her fired from National Lampoon’s: Pledge This. How sad. [Superficial]
The Scissor Sister’s Were Here
And I didn’t know about it. In the future, please alert me too all Scissor Sisters New York City performances. [Do You Feel Loved?]
Madonna Wanted To Bed George Michael Back in the Day
What straight woman hasn’t come on to a gay man at some point in her life. [Hindustan Times]
Page Six Throws a Hissy Fit
Mary-Kate’s publicist lied. Shocking. [NYP]

By Miu von Furstenberg

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