Nibbly Things: Bruce Willis Allegedly Assaults Paparazzo

June 15th, 2006 // 3 Comments
  • Photographer Anthony Goodrich is claiming that Bruce Willis “stiff-armed” him, striking the lens of his camera, pushing it into his face, when he was making his way into the restaurant Koi. Goodrich says the impact broke the skin on his nose and chipped a tooth. Lesson to be learned. The arm of celebrity is quite powerful. [TMZ]
  • Lindsay Lohan has principles, dammit! She was dining at Da Silvano Tuesday, turned down a round of shots sent over by fans. “Don’t they know I’m underage?” said Ms. Lohan. [Rush & Molloy]
  • God help us. Paris Hilton is moving to New York City. Just when we are finally beginning to recover from the devastation of 9/11, and we have a new terror threat. [Jossip]
  • Is seems that Madonna has found the perfect specimen to mold in Lindsay Lohan. “Madonna’s giving Lindsay advice on her music career, and she wants to work on a film with Madonna, too!” an insider told In Touch Weekly. The source says the two talk a few times a week and are planning a “spiritual journey” once Madonna’s current tour is over. “They’re going to visit the Holy Land,” the insider says. That’s a photo op I’d love to see. [The Scoop]
  • Alec Baldwin has apparently gotten too old and too fat to play the late designer Halston in the upcoming film based on the designers life. Brendan Fraser (who could actually lose a few pounds as well) is now said to be set for the role. [Page Six]
  • Lloyd Grove doesn’t seem to like Keith Olbermann that much. [Lowdown]
  • Usher may be back with stylist-turned-girlfriend, Tameka Foster. He was seen buying her a pair of Manolo Blahniks while the two were in town for record exec L.A. Reid‘s birthday bash. We can only wish them the best of luck this time around. [Lowdown]
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Narnia

    I don’t think anyone feels sorry for paparazzi these days. With all the celebrity blogs and TV shows showing the way photographers stalk celebrities, they deserve to be beaten up whenever a celebrity feels threatened or otherwise abused.

  2. doofus

    the photog probably deserved whatever he got. not that I’m anti-paparazzi, but just as people say “oh, the celebrities ASK to be in the spotlight, that’s why they went into that business, they lead public lives, etc…” (which I FIRMLY believe, BTW)

    it’s just as fair to say “the photographers got into that business knowing it wouldn’t always be the most pleasant experience”. if the guy wasn’t anywhere near Willis while taking the pictures, then willis assaulted him. however, if Willis felt threatened in any way, or if the guy was blocking his way, he had a right to do what he (allegedly) did. And if he was close enough to “stiff arm” him, it sure sounds like the guy WAS blocking the way.

  3. krista

    maybe Lohan’s fans forgot her under age because Lohan is ho? just a thought

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