Nibbly Things: Brandon Davis Does Rehab

  • A stint in rehab would mess up his social calendar, wouldn’t it? Brandon Davis’ family is urging the bloated one to enter drug and alcohol rehab facility. Davis has reportedly entered the $75,000 per-month “Passages” rehabilitation center in Malibu. We have a feeling this is more of a rehab stint for appearance sake. There’s no way he’ll actually confront his problem. [In Touch]
  • You may hate or be sick of Tom Cruise, but he can still bring home the bacon. Mr. Cruise topped Forbes magazine’s annual 100 most powerful stars list, which was based on his box office power. Personally he’s said to bring in $67 million annually. Crazy and rich – the ultimate combo. [Reuters]
  • If you really want to get into LA’s Cabana Club on Saturday nights, Blur Events let it be known that it is vital the both guys and girls to NOT dress ghetto. Irrelevant of your race. [LA.comfidential]
  • Fabian Basabe is a giver. That’s right people. He’s volunteering in Brooklyn for a program called Spirituality for Kids Outreach, which helps at-risk children in poor, high-crime areas. Um, what will he be doing there? Is going to be teaching the children Equestrian skills. How to make it onto Page Six? [Page Six]
  • Macy’s admits it made a mistake when it moved gay pride mannequins from it’s display window. Macy’s asks the gays for their forgiveness. Do the gays even shop at Macy’s? [Queerty]
  • Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner has never really been liked that much in the industry. Apparently he felt the same way about Martin Davis, the former chairman of Paramount who died in 1999. “He was the worst man that ever lived,” said Eisner, who was a Paramount exec before joining Disney. “In fact, when he died, I was talking to Barry Diller, and he said, ‘I hope it was painful.'” How sweet. [Lowdown]