Nibbly Things: Britney Spears Wants To Spawn Again

  • The horror! Plus, our beloved Britney Spears still wants to have the baby with Kevin Federline. The girl just won’t learn from her past mistakes. [The Scoop]
  • Do we have some fresh Brad Pitt nudes to look forward to? Yes we do. [Page Six]
  • We love the fact that Barbra Striesand is losing weight with Jenny Craig. No news on if Kirstie Alley had anything to do with it. Good luck losing those pounds! [R&M]
  • Guess who showed up at a “mostly male” party at director Bryan Singer’s. Superman Brandon Routh. [Page Six]
  • Life & Style magazine is making some rumblings about Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban heading to the alter this weekend. It’s a bit too early for that, don’t you think? [The Scoop]
  • Is Tom Ford wearing a balding toupee? Say it isn’t so. Tom Ford vain? Never. [Page Six]
  • Get ready for The Janice Dickinson Project. Ms. Dickinson’s show is set to debut in the spring on Oxygen. It will either be high camp, or a complete train wreck. We’ll have to wait and see. [AP]
  • Peter Braunstein’s mother talks to the Daily News. “He was almost crying, his lips were trembling,” his mother, Angele Braunstein said after a 15-minute visit with her son yesterday. Almost crying? Not good enough. [NYDN]