Nibbly Things: Being Bobby Brown Is Scary

  • Bobby Brown’s reality show Being Bobby Brown (scary) will feature a pre and post rehab Whitney. Bobby was quoted as saying “We were shooting during the time that she started rehab, so you’ll see a transformation of just coming out of rehab into full blown-out woman again.” What exactly is a “full blown-out woman?” [Reality World]
  • Shannen Doherty has been fired from her new show because “preview audiences were not responding to her.” Shocking. [TV Squad]
  • Some needs some eyebrow landscaping, Gwen’s Huggies, and Mary McFadden’s Aisan boy. [The Corsair]
  • According to Madonna’s publicist her forthcoming CD is amazing, and her documentary is not boring. [Towleroad]
  • The defense in the Michael Jackson trial rests. Chris Tucker testified, and told jurors he chartered a jet and flew the family to Florida. Once there, he said, he pulled Jackson aside to warn him that he no longer trusted the family. “I told him to watch out for (the mother) because I felt suspicious about her,” he said. “I took him in the room and I was trying to talk to him. …I said, ‘Michael, something ain’t right.” [Reuters]
  • Michael Madsen has gone to hell. [cityrag]
  • Britney’s chihuahua Bit-Bit (WTF?) doesn’t like Kevin. I’m liking that doggy. Now only if he could develop and aversion to Brit-Brit. [The Scoop]