Nibbly Things: Brooklyn Beckham Receives Bling and More

Victoria Beckham Gives Son Bling Bling
For her son’s sixth birthday, she bought Brooklyn a pair of diamond earrings worth $47,500. [Superficial]
JaRule Pleads Guilty To Assault
And apologized to the city of Toronto for the altercation. Nice rapper. [AP]
Sarah Jessica Parker’s Not Wearing Her Wedding Ring
What can this mean? [Sky Showbiz]
Lindsay Lohan Shows Up For Work
Someone on the “Just My Luck” crew confirmed: the cast “can’t act,” and is “kind of stupid.” [Defamer]
Brigitte Nielson Marries Husband Number Six
This woman must be incredibly talented in bed, otherwise I just don’t fucking get it. [The Corsair]
The Spider Club: Welcome To the B & C & D List
Ryan Starr complains, Bijou Phillips flails, and Ryan Seacrest surrounded by an entourage. [Defamer]
Halle Berry Endures The Wrath Of The Gays
Her performance in Oprah’s movie keeps many gay men from having sex with their partners. [Drama NYC via Gawker]
Johnny Depp & John Cusack Attend Hunter S. Thompson Memorial
It was held at the Hotel Jerome in Aspen, Colorado. [Zap2it]
Debbie Rowe Auction’s Off Jacko’s Engagement Ring
One-Carat? It was doomed from the beginning. [WOW Report]