Nibbly Things: A Puking Christina, Lindsey & Tara, Mary Kay Letourneau & More

> Is Christina Aguliera With Child?
Some people tend to think so after she puked on the pavement, and then went on to eat “a huge meal.” [Sify]
> Lindsey Lohan and Tara Reid: Bosom Buddies
So this is why we are learning that Lindsey’s actually a mean girl. She’s taking lessons from the superlush. [Anonymous Outsider]
> May Kay Letourneau and Vill Fualaau
Sleaziest and sleazy. Eww. [The Corsair]
> Who Has the Rights To Sing “Screwed.”
How about neither Paris Hilton or Hilary Duff. [E Online]
> Middle East Gawker
A parody. [Yankee Pot Roast]