Nibbly Things: Alec Baldwin’s Ass, Britney in Tears and More

> Summer Reading: I Fucked Alec Baldwin in His Ass
Read all about Ms. Bradford’s purportedly autobiographical account of a colorful sexual encounter with the famed actor. [Boing Boing]
> Britney in Tears After Mom Hits Paparazzi with SUV
The photo is another must see. [Gawker]
> Is Demi Moore Pregnant?
Stupid is, as supid does. [A Fly On the Wall]
> Christina Aguilera Will Receive $366,199 For Harrods in Store Promo
She also requests several bottles of vodka. [The Corsair]
> Ben Affleck Wins $356,400 at a Poker Tournament
He’s finally found something he’s actually good at. [CBS]
> Beyonce Launches True Star Perfume
First. Awful name. Second. What singer doesn’t have their own perfume now. [BBC]