Nibbly Things: Anderson Cooper’s Closet and More

Anderson Cooper Stays In The Closet
Michael Musto has an article in OUT magazine regarding Mr. Cooper. [Gatecrasher]
Robert Blake Murder Case Goes To Jury
I’d say things aren’t looking good for Mr. Blake. [Reuters]
Sister Of Jacko’s Accuser Admits To Lying
The family isn’t coming off as that credible. I don’t think he’ll be convicted. [Yahoo]
Justin Timberlake To Portray Elton John
Supposedly he asked for sex and drug scenes to be included in the film. I guess Justin really wants to play gay. [Ananova]
Have Yourself A Milkshake
Homemade is the best. Hilarious. [uffish thoughts]
Jennifer Beals Won’t Do Angelina Jolie
That is, if she was a lesbian. [The Corsair]
Survival Of the Richest
Fabian Basabe has done reality once. Will he do it again? [Lowdown]
All The Gay Fashion Designer’s Head To Rio
I’m sure it’s just for the inspiration of the culture. [Made In Brazil]