Nibbly Things: A Naked Lara Flynn Boyle and More

February 1st, 2005 // 4 Comments

Lara Flynn Boyle Allegedly Gets Naked On Flight
And tries to bed a sleeping passenger. Sounds like a typical British Airways flight to me. [Defamer]
Paula Abdul Yearns To Sing Again
“I miss my art,” Abdul sighs as she looks out the window. – We don’t. [AP]
Michael Wears That Damn Armband To Court
I wish his handlers would tell the man to wear something normal. [AP]
Brando’s Tahitian Ex-Wife Tells All in New Memoir
Brando is depicted as a volatile tyrant who could be physically and mentally cruel one moment, tenderly loving the next. – Charming. [Reuters]
Gawker Media Expands Blog Empire
Gridskipper, a “sexy” travel blog and Lifehacker a “sexy software blog debut today. [Gawker]
Johnny Depp Has Cut Back To Three Smokes A Day
Just because you needed to know. [Ananova]
Ann Coulter Gets Her Facts Mixed Up
She had a little trouble with Canada’s participation in the Vietnam War. – Just making it up as she goes along. [Jossip]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ap

    does anyone have an explanation for the armband?

  2. BRW

    Coulter should have never trusted Rachel Marsden
    to give her an accurate Canadian history lesson.

  3. Michael’s armband is a symbol for the suffering of children in the world. He’s been wearing them for about 20 years or so…

  4. ap

    that’s ironic

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