Nibbly Things: A Naked Lara Flynn Boyle and More

Lara Flynn Boyle Allegedly Gets Naked On Flight
And tries to bed a sleeping passenger. Sounds like a typical British Airways flight to me. [Defamer]
Paula Abdul Yearns To Sing Again
“I miss my art,” Abdul sighs as she looks out the window. – We don’t. [AP]
Michael Wears That Damn Armband To Court
I wish his handlers would tell the man to wear something normal. [AP]
Brando’s Tahitian Ex-Wife Tells All in New Memoir
Brando is depicted as a volatile tyrant who could be physically and mentally cruel one moment, tenderly loving the next. – Charming. [Reuters]
Gawker Media Expands Blog Empire
Gridskipper, a “sexy” travel blog and Lifehacker a “sexy software blog debut today. [Gawker]
Johnny Depp Has Cut Back To Three Smokes A Day
Just because you needed to know. [Ananova]
Ann Coulter Gets Her Facts Mixed Up
She had a little trouble with Canada’s participation in the Vietnam War. – Just making it up as she goes along. [Jossip]