Nibbly Things: A Head-Butting Naomi Campbell and More

Naomi Campbell Allegedly Head-Butted Former Assistant
Her former assistant said that Naomi “would explode like the Hiroshima bomb, then start crying.” – It’s hard being beautiful. [NYDN]
Steven Cojocaru Needs Kidney Transplant
He’s apparently in good health otherwise. Cojocaru was quote as saying, “I can climb a mountain in Nepal.” [AP]
Michael Moore Tops List of Least-Intriguing Stars
That’s because with Michael, it’s all out there. [Reuters]
Jennifer Lopez’s Booty Halts Pepsi Shoot
The wasn’t enough fabric to cover the junk in the trunk. [Adrants]
Freeman’s Restaurant Denying Bush Twins Banning
Now any member of the Bush family will be welcomed with open arms. [Gawker]