Nibbly Things: Amanda Hesser – Hostess and More

An Evening With Amanda Hesser
Gag me with a spoon. [Gawker]
Colin Powell’s A Quitter
Not a big surprise that he quits Bush’s cabinet. [Reuters]
Star Jones Gets Marriage Over With
The advertising gimmick is over. [Jossip]
Al Reynolds Frozen In Fear
He looks like he’s saying to himself, “What the fuck did I just do?” [Towleroad]
Anna Wintour Rides Elevator With Dirty Commoners
She kind of looks like an alien in the shot. She’s probably frightened have to death. [Gawker]
Vincent Gallo And Truffles
Chocolate truffles that is. [The Corsair]
Christina Aguilera Engagement Rumors
She probably spread this one herself, since she hasn’t received much press lately. [contactmusic]