Nibbly Things: Anna Wintour Owes Worker’s Comp, Tony RIP and Demi Moore

> Anna Wintour Owes $32,639.12 in Worker’s Compensation Board
And no, it wasn’t used for an employees psychological counseling. [Smoking Gun]
> Tony Randall: May He Rest in Peace
A New Yorker who will be missed. [AP]
> For the Love of Steven Klein
Bow down to the one who brought us the latest Brad Pitt photos. [NY Metro]
> Ashton & Demi In Fret Over Stolen Naughty Photos
Haven’t celebrities learned anything from Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson. [NYP]
> 12 More Examples of Graydon Carter’s Malfeasance
Been there, done that. [Fametracker]