Nibbly Thiings: Britney’s Chewed Gum, Kerry on Daily Show & More

> Britney Spears’ Chewed Gum For Sale On Ebay
Doesn’t Ebay have some type of standards? You have until Sunday. The current bid is around $470.00. [KTB]
> John Kerry To Appear on The Daily Show
Check your local listings – it’s tonight. [Lost Remote]
> Lizzie Jagger Told To Put On Weight
Lancome told her to gain pounds, or lose her contract. Jagger says she struggled to put on weight because of her fast metabolism. She should probably also eat more than one raisin a day. [HeraldSun]
> Robbie Williams and Oasis Still in Pissing Fest
If they could all deflate their egos, this silly feud would end. [NME]