Nibbly: Jamie Foxx Gets Sprayed

  • Jamie Foxx was on the receiving end when six yobs forced their way into his VIP room at London’s Mo*Vida and poured wine all over him and his 12-strong entourage on Saturday. A member of Jamie’s posse fumed: “They sprayed us like they were putting out a fire, it was everywhere.” Was Kimora there to lick it all up? [3am]
  • A spokesman for Chris Rock said the comedian hired celebrity private eye Anthony Pellicano to investigate a model who claimed he was the father of her unborn child, according to a published report. The plot thickens. [AP]
  • How much did Catherine Zeta Jones earn last year for promoting T-Mobile? A cool $20 million. Nice work if you can get it. [Daily Mail]
  • Could anything be more hilarious than a Ryan Seacrest and Paula Abdul feud? No. [People]
  • The star of drunk models on a plane, May Anderson, was denied entry into the U.S., and will be returned to the Netherlands. Take that. [AP]
  • Patricia Clarkson was conspicuously absent from the opening night for Three Days of Rain – because she was uninvited. Clarkson originated the role in the Richard Greenberg drama now played by Julia Roberts, and had received rave reviews for her performance. It sounds like someone’s ego is a tad fragile. [Page Six]
  • People promoting Tori Spellings’ TV series NoTORIous have been plastering stickers on sidewalks in front to chic L.A. shops that read “Tori was here, and she tripped. So NoTORIous.” What a gorilla marketing tactic. [Scoop]
  • Tobey Maguire popped the question to his girlfriend Jennifer Meyer over the weekend. No word on if she’s pregnant. [Page Six]