Niall Horan Looks Cute With Supposed Girlfriend Amy Green [PHOTOS]

One Direction Dolls!
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Well, there’s another member of One Direction off the market.

According to reports, the band’s Irish hottie, Niall Horan, has found himself a lady. Niall quietly started dating 20-year-old student Amy Green not too long ago and the two have really hit it off.

In fact, as soon as Niall got back to England from One Direction’s album promotion tour, the first thing he did was get together with Amy. I wonder if he and Zayn Malik are gonna start double dating anytime soon? So what is it about Ms. Green that has so capture young Niall’s heart?

Apparently it’s the fact that she doesn’t care he’s famous. One source told the Mirror, “She has a normal life and doesn’t pay much attention to any fuss. He likes that.” Ladies, take note: all a cute famous guy wants is a girl to tell him that the fact he plays sold out shows isn’t that big of deal. I think I could that.

So how long do you think Niall and Amy are gonna last? They look pretty happy together, but you know the perils of young love. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the new couple and tell us what you think of them in the comments. Side note: not really digging Amy’s hat. But that is neither here nor there.