NFL Pro Kicker as Smooth as Manly Silk Down There

Despite the proliferation of dainty ladies, and hellbound homosexuals around here, we occasionally report on the world of sports. Ok, we report on the world of sports when some drunk football player is dumb enough to take naked pictures of himself with his camera phone and they go public.

We got a tip this morning from a guy who says he was out with a couple of ladyfriends last night when they encountered Steelers kicker Jeff Reed. The story goes that Reed was hitting on these two ladies, was eventually shot down, and then Jeff Reed did what any of us would have done: he stood in front of a mirror, pushed his pants down, and took a picture of the top of his junk.

He then sent said picture to the ladies to let them know what they were missing out on. Since then, the ladies went into a deep depression, began to cut their arms, and are now both currently having sex with David Akers.

Now, I can’t promise you that any of that is true. I can’t even tell you for sure that that’s Jeff Reed. If it is, though… I seriously doubt that Jeff Reed’s the type of guy who will be the least bit embarrassed about this.

I’ve always thought Reed was a pretty good kicker, and I’ll tell you what–that guy knows his way around a razor, too.

Even if this isn’t him, I think I’m into it. Though he must be somewhat kinky, because that much waxing must have smarted.

The “money shot” is after the jump.

Steelers Kicker Not Safe For Work [Deadspin]