NFL Player Never Dated Jessica Simpson

I stand corrected. The football player guy never dated Jessica Simpson. But apparently her Dad wanted to. I mean, wanted Jessica to date Tony. Not that he wanted to date Tony. Though I have a theory on that. Page Six has the scoop.

NOT only did Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo never date buxom blonde Jessica Simpson – they never even met. Sources say rumors of Romo and Simpson’s fling were the work of Jessica’s manager daddy, Joe Simpson, who “lent her name out to Romo in exchange for game tickets.” But Jessica’s publicist, Cindi Berger, said talk of Joe selling out his daughter is “totally false” and that Romo, who’s reportedly dating Carrie Underwood , simply mentioned once that he wanted to meet Jessica. A rep for the Cowboys did not return calls.

What does J. Harvey think about all of this? Find out after the jump.

NFL Player Didn’t Date Jess [Page Six]

Wait, what? So he lent her name out in exchange for game tickets. As in “oh, my daughter’s Jessica Simpson..” or “my daughter Jessica Simpson will put out for 50 yard line seats?”. He’s such a sketchball.

I used to be convinced that Joe was one of those closeted dads, what with the frosted hair and the sorta effeminate air about him, and the dressing in Abercrombie & Fitch. But then I figured out to combat that perception, he started TREATING HIS DAUGHTERS AS SEX OBJECTS. People might have a problem with us gays, but come on, that’s way worse. God Hates needs to change their site to God Hates Creepy Publicly Implied Incestual Feelings For My