Newsweek Is All, “Um, Yeah, In Case You’re Braindead And Weren’t Sure, OJ Totally Did It.”

Newsweek has obtained a chapter from the infamous O.J. Simpson confession book, “If I Did It.” Assistant managing editor at the publication, Mark Miller, believes that the chapter indicates a confession and also declined to name the source from which the chapter was obtained. From Reuters:

Miller, in this week’s Newsweek, said, “What is striking about the chapter I read … is how closely it tracks with the evidence in the case — and how clearly Simpson invokes the classic language of a wife abuser.

“In his crude, expletive-laced account, Simpson suggests Nicole all but drove him to kill her,” he said.

Miller said that Simpson tells how he drove to his ex-wife’s home with a friend called Charlie and encountered her and Goldman. But Simpson stops short of describing their stabbings.

Miller said Simpson wrote that his ex-wife came at him like a “banshee.”

He added, “She loses her balance and falls hard, her head cracking against the ground. Goldman assumes a karate stance, further angering Simpson. He dares the younger man to fight. Then, in the book, Simpson pulls back. He writes, ‘Then something went horribly wrong, and I know what happened, but I can’t tell you exactly how.'”

Miller said Simpson wrote that when he regained control of himself, he realized he was holding a bloody knife and was drenched in blood. His ex-wife and Goldman were dead.

And apparently, as a promotion, it was originally planned that a bloody knife be enclosed with each copy of the book. Not really, but seriously, this shit is getting almost beyond the limits of hyperbole.

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