NEWS FLASH! Paris Hilton Engaged To Paris Latsis

May 30th, 2005 // 52 Comments

Let the countdown to the breakup begin!

Hotel heiress and “The Simple Life” reality TV star Paris Hilton is reportedly engaged to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis.

“They are happy and excited,” Hilton spokesman Rob Shuter told People magazine, which reported the engagement Monday on its Web site.

Latsis proposed to the 24-year-old Hilton Wednesday after she returned from a three-week publicity tour in Europe to promote her horror flick “House of Wax” and her new fragrance.

The couple marked the engagement Saturday with a barbecue for 75 friends and family at their Hollywood Hills home, People reported.

No wedding date has been set. It would be the first marriage for both.

Paris is quoted as saying, “I want to have kids in the next two years, because I know that completes your life.” She’s a bright one, that Paris.

Paris Hilton Said Engaged to Shipping Heir [AP]
Paris Hilton Gets Engaged [People]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. chelsea

    so, if she changes her name, they’re gonna have the same name…that blows goats….what a joke

  2. Buntcake

    No, Paris!

    …please don’t breed :(

  3. Liz

    The sad thing is these people are actually serious when they come up with this nonsense. They really believe they are qualified to make life’s decisions as they persist on showing the world they have no concept of reality. I really find it rather humorous.

  4. pasadenaqt

    Paris squared? I thought one was bad enough…what a stupid cheesy couple…you know this is going to last all of 10 minutes.

  5. pasadenaqt

    I wonder if she’s pregnant…her top half seems a little enlarged and she’s been talking way too much about babies the last couple of months…

  6. miguelito

    i’d definitely hit paris latsiis… i’d hit on the other paris too, but with a bat. stupid bitch.

  7. toro

    Wow. Them some tight jeans. You can totally see his package.

  8. Marina

    I feel so bad for their children…just imagine the teasing:

    Paris’ child: “My mommy is sooo beautiful and rich!”

    Child’s friend: “Your mom is a whore!”

    Paris’ child: “No shes not! Her and Rick were in love! In love! Okay!”

    Child’s friend: “Shes still a slut…but I wouldn’t mind hitting that!”

  9. gen

    lets face it…
    the ONLY reason she is with this guy is so she scream out her own name in bed.

  10. ma

    That guy is FUGLY~!

  11. Maria

    Wow! These two are so perfect for each other! The way his bottom lip hangs out, like the Bubba character from ‘Gump’, I mean, he is probably just as intelligent as the other Paris!

  12. DieParisandParisDie

    fuckin mouthbreathers, the both of them.

    couple of ‘tards.

    They’ll name one of their poor kids “Hilton.”

    bwah to poster gen’s comment!

  13. nicolelover

    It’s BULL! She’s only engaged because Nicole Richie is. But at least Nicole’s relationship seem more stable, real and genuine. Paris just wants to be married to prove something. She is so transparent.

  14. netty

    He’s TALL! I wonder if he has a Greek Accent…..and where’s da ring??

  15. Personally I wish Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis only the best of luck on their engagement.
    I have known Paris Hilton for years and she is really happy and truly in love….Mr.Paris is a great guy so I am wishing them only the best. Eventually when they have kids < and no she isn't pregnant now>, Paris wants to name her daughter Paris, and her son London,,,it will be a trip when there are 3 Paris’ in their homes! Go Paris and Paris ! ! !

  16. This is posted on Paris’ official MSN site.

    Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis are finally engaged and Paris and Paris are thrilled, so are their families.
    Paris < Star > is planning on two weddings; one in LA and one in Greece.
    She hasn’t picked out her ring yet officially …she has only viewed many of them
    < they are out of hand beautiful >.
    No she isn’t pregnant right now though there are rumours she is but they are NOT true…..Wishing them only the best if you want to leave her messages on here someone can start a new thread…..Yes she does read this when she does go online. She is a memeber on here in case some people didn’t realize….some of the members names on here are she, and some are her family and their associates…though she is busier than ever now, she will appreciate and see your good wishes on here, so that’s hot… CONGRADS Paris and Paris ! ! !

  17. Sardine

    Cory is about as dumb as the Parises. It’s CONGRATS, dummy! And good wishes? Who gives a crap?

  18. Congrads/congrats…tomato/tomatoe who cares about grammar on here but the above post was On the MSN fan site, so that is who the congrads was directed to, Paris Hilton, not you. . . :)~

  19. Sardine

    Yeah, sorry Cory, but I value intelligence, so grammar does matter to me, which is probably one reason I am not a Paris fan. But you are right, that was directed to Paris, not me, and we all know that SHE does not know how to spell, so you are right–it doesn’t matter!

  20. Stala

    I thought all greek guys were gay.

  21. Chris

    Bite me sardine

  22. I hope she’s happy in the end. Maybe she’ll have hot children and settle down and we’ll never see her again…

  23. General America

    Shaddup already. Did Paris tell you she wanted to be your role model? Do you have her money? Did she tell you to photograph her every chance you get? Maybe she said something to you in private that rubbed you the wrong way? Who are you people to judge her. Has she ever borrowed any money from you? Did she ask you for a favor? Why should she care any more about you than any other human that has no idea who the hell you are does? Give the girl a break and lets all agree she looks hot in a bikini. Seriously.

  24. xristos

    As an answer to Stala’s opinion regarding the Greek men’s sexual preferences the only comment I have to make is my invitation to all blondes – and not only – spinster to came at their holidays in Greece. We Greeks know how to explode your sex sensations.

  25. Lauren

    Despite a majority of the above comments, I would have to say they have got to be the hottest couple and honestly I feel a relationship like this can last. So, Congrats to Paris and Paris!

    PS Mr. Latsis is a fine piece of ass…this picture doesn’t do him any justice.

  26. Some of you just rock’. Couldn’t agree more General and Lauren…’ Mr. and Ms. Paris ‘ are really happy now and it’s good to see her this way, after all the dudes who used her, Paris Latsis is a genuine good guy and loves her for her. Thanks Sardine,I guess it is congraTs…not congraDs…learn something new even here…lol
    Paris Will see your posts on It’s the MSN official fan site for Paris, myself and others but anyone is welcome to post but atleast it’s a place online she sees. Have a good one all.

  27. Bedstuy

    Are you kidding me Cory the model? You are an absolute tool. Nonone here honestly cares about you, Paris (both of them) or each other for that matter. This is a joke–for fun–ha ha. What are you, like 10? “My best friend Paris..blah blah blah.” (best read with childish voice) Nonone wishes anyone any real ill-will. BUT honestly, if your friend (a real one-not the no. 1 fan relationship you have with Pais) behaved the way Paris did, you may still love her but you would still laugh at her silliness. And I am sorry how much money she has, she is beyond skank. Somethings should be private. And I am sorry she is certainly not ugly, but HOT body? Please. She looks like a giant 4 year old. It’s not that she has small breast or that’s she’s skinny. Some women look hot thin, some don’t. She doesn’t.

  28. katie


  29. Laetitia

    You know she’s just marrying him for his money. She has chump change compared to what he has. She a $2 dollar whore with no sense of morals or self-respect. What a fool.

  30. Ilhan

    Hey Paris it looks like your gonna have to start eating “Fetta Cheese” oh and don’t forget to wear the good luck charm with eye ball thingy around your arm it really does work.. Good luck and Greece is hotttttt

  31. shawn

    this message is for katie. who was the married woman the male paris was messing with? i would like to say you guys are tooo funny. i went to this page by mistake and had a good laugh. i never post to any of these things but you guys made my night. and i agree with most of you i give it about 10 minutes or as long as her night club is doing in orlando, florida..stay blessed

  32. katie

    trying to find the article of his past before he went with Paris. When I find it, I will post it.

  33. Eleni

    He was dating Zeta Graff (married to the guy who owns Graff diamonds). If you don’t know who Graff is, he’s the dude Trump bought Melania’s rocks from…Paris could take lessons from that two timing slut. She makes Paris look like a novice.

  34. katie

    Thank you Eleni! I couldn’t found the information but yeah, that is it. They deserve eachother!

  35. Cynthia

    I just hope they are both sterile and will not adopt either!

  36. ????

    so i am from creece and i love paris and paris…
    good luck guys!!!

  37. Eric

    I would LOVE to see the Paris’s kid.

  38. japanat

    I’d have to say that, although I quite intensely dislike her public persona, I don’t think Paris Hilton could be anywhere near as nasty as she acts. Spoiled most certainly, but the “Simple Life” character was just that; a charicature of herself, exagerated.
    That said, 15 minutes of fame is not worth the drstruction of your entire reputation. If you want kids, think about what they’ll hear about you in the future. Fame isn’t worth that price!

  39. x0x-Paris-x0x

    Paris Hilton is so cool. I look up to her. She is my idol and i am so happy for her with Park Latsis. I hope they stay toghter for ever and have kids and be one big happy family. I have seen there new house and it is beautiful. They are going to be really happy and i hope they have kids but i still want that party side of paris to show!!!

  40. maraki

    latsis’ not THAT bad!!!
    but hilton………….OK!!!
    I am so curious in seeing their kids!!!

  41. Shaney

    I wish my girl Paris everything in the world.She gets so much slack from everybody i dont understand it.She is the way she is and we should just support her.Paris Latsis is a strong person to want to be her husband because what he did with that married woman Paris can easily do that to him,so watch out.Nicole Richie is so beautiful,i wish her and Paris can talk again.

  42. _unknown___

    anyone who insults paris/paris REALLY has no life what so ever.. i mean think of all the things that both paris’s have done, achieved, and accomplished…I mean it doesn’t take a genious to understand that with the money they have they can do whatever they want to do… and think of all the things there is to do…while you people have lazily sat at your computers, typing whatever comes to mind..
    do you really think that these celebrities care what you guys say?!?!?!?! i’m sure they could pull out 10000000 more flaws of you individuals than you guys can to them…
    Paris and Paris are a great couple who i admire.

  43. to all you out there paris hilton is a whore and a big slut and like everyone else said she is only marrying paris latsis to get back at nicole richie she is a big SLUT to everyone out there you guys are only sucking up to her just because she goes on this site. btw BIG DEAL

  44. k, as far as I’m concerned, those of you who “love” her are just trying to suck up, which seems to make these haters even madder… it’s quite entertaining to read, and those of you who hate her put SOOO much effort into hating her, it’s quite transparent… you’re obviously so insecure that you need to put others done to make yourselves feel good… leave “Cory the Model” alone; he don’t care what you guys think anyways… although, you’re title should never really tell your occ. (Paris the Socialite)haha… and if they last 10 min, who are you to judge, I don’t see any of you up here cussing out Britney, and she was married what? 22 hours?! Wish them the best, hope they last, the Paris x 2 is kinda cute… Love ya! XOXO

  45. justine

    she is pregnant you morons! and you no right to be so nasty about paris, let her be happy. how many crappy relationships has she had over the last couple of months. leave her alone! i bet you lot are all americans grr.

  46. torkyo

    i like paris and paris! they look good. i bet all of you who say trash about them look like shit.

  47. isis

    paris hilton didn’t even know what wal-mart was. What makes her think she’s ready for a baby? she probably does’nt even know what a breast pump is.

  48. helen

    Greeks gay? i Dont think so, they’re probably the best men that the world has. Just because mykonos is known for a lot of gays, sure doesn’t mean they’re greek gays. Go to mykonos, and see for urself, they’re all TOURISTS!!!and we all know latsis is just having his fun with paris, thats why its obviously over. He’s way to good for her. Mentaly and physically.

  49. Berto

    I don’t understand all the P.H. hostility. She looks good and has a fantastic smile. She is a butterfly and, I wouldn’t expect her to come up with profound philosophical statements. I can only conclude that all her detractors are too envious. Now about her getting engaged ,well, that’s ridiculous. She needs to wild a bit more….

  50. think

    Why do you all get so exited about people you hate? W E I R D ! !

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