NEWS FLASH! Angeliana Jolie Confirms Pregnancy

January 11th, 2006 // 52 Comments

Congratulations to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt! The bump tells all. Finally we have something concrete to work with. Now we can start focusing on the possible wedding.

After weeks of rumors as reported here and here, at thebosh, the sexy actress confirmed the pregnancy while in the Dominican Republic, where she is filming “The Good Shepherd” with Matt Damon.

“Yes, I’m pregnant,” the magazine quoted Jolie as telling charity aid worker.

Last week, Celebrity Weekly Life & Style reported on exclusive evidence pointing to a pregnancy for the Hollywood star. According to the mag, when the actress returned to the set of The Good Shepherd in early December for a few days of reshoots after a two-month break, the crew immediately noticed a problem: The costumes no longer fit over Angie’s suspicious stomach bump. “Her body had changed so much,” an onset insider tells Life & Style, “that her wardrobe had to be refitted to give her extra room in the tummy area. Several dresses had to be altered.”

Angelina Jolie Pregnant (baby bump picture) [The Bosh]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Blindqueen

    How impossibly attractive will this baby be!?

  2. laura

    it could turn out fugly – you know 2 positives making a negative or is that the other way round, baby gonna have some good genes!

  3. laura

    the people magazine front cover looks photoshopped

  4. Anna

    yeah, she really does look too big on the People cover, it’s supposed to be a summer baby so she would only be 3-4 months along

  5. KAS

    Congratulations to Angie & Brad!! I wish them the best of luck and they will have the most beautiful baby!

  6. MJ

    Damn, that is one lucky baby.

  7. lau

    congrats too – wish the jolie/pitt family well

  8. Mallory

    Oh Lord, 6 or so more months of endlessly tracking this pregnancy! I’m so tired of hearing about these two. There are more important things going on in the world but the media will make this birth out to be the second coming.

  9. tiff

    she’s definately more than 3 months pregnant…she’s probably in her 4th month, and baby is probably coming in June, which means Brad impregnated her way before his divorce to Jennifer was final……Didnt she do an interview telling Katie Couric she and Brad were not together, and that she would never sleep with a married man? Karma is a BITC#!

  10. lalala

    I hate fuckin angelina…everytime i see her and her little brainless whore of a slave brad’s picture, i get sooo mad a throw up a little…

    she’s the picture of hypocrisy at its best… saying how she would never sleep with a married man cuz she has so many other choices and how she would never have a biological child because there would be 1 less orphan who will get adopted… so i guess poor mad and zahara will get ignored now cuz of the new brat…

    i can’t wait for them to get sick of each other and look like complete fools in everyone’s eye… GHEEEEE

  11. Ldysunfyre

    Hopefully the pregnancy will encourage her to put on a little weight. Jeez.

  12. pvrz

    Well, I guess this confirms that the divorce from
    fugly Jen WAS because of children.

  13. QueenB

    hollywood is going to be full of literally shittin in their pants paparazzi when Angelina gets close to delivery…

  14. Little Mickey

    What happened to the plan to stick to adopting needy children? That’s noble & benefits the entire world.

    Any narcissistic moron with functional loins can birth their own infants, as Britney Spears can well attest.

  15. tea

    She is such a liar, She did sleep with him before divorse.

  16. Madi

    Holy Shit!!!They are going to have a beautiful baby boy. They can name him Max. Mad/Max..I think that’s cute. Maniston is probably crying her eyes out. Get ready for some more magazine covers, PDA with Vince and cheap shots coming Brangelina’s way.

  17. Ldysunfyre

    Looking at her, she’s about 4-5 months along. Her uterus has reached her bellybutton.

  18. tea

    Angelina and Brad should be shamed of them selves, They are so Full of SH*t, It is really funny. Fake people, At least have enough Balls to say the truth and if you do not want to say the truth quit emberassing your selves by BSing on the National TV. Angelina needs help even her father said it. Her and Brad deserve each other.
    I really do not give a flying rat’s ass about them. I used to love Brad, I hate cheaters and can not stand man with no Balls, He is angelina’s little BOY TOY, He copies her in everything.
    Brad get your own ideas man, You are always standing behind her even in the pictures, it is pothetic… I feel sorry for you. I’m expecting seen you in a dress… probably the black one…

  19. of course she did, lord people, must you be so literal?. She’s been sleeping with him since April. I think what she meant about the married man comment was that she wouldn’t sleep with him if he was still with Jen, being all happily married and all. Since he’s been seperated since January or even since March when Jen filed for divorce, he’s been fair game. She wasn’t sneaking around boinking him behind Jen’s back, so I don’t think she was lying.

  20. Jennifer Aniston


    Permission to kill myself, Sir!

  21. lisa

    it’s funny how hollywood just repeats itself…this triangle reminds me of eddie fisher, liz taylor, and debbie reynolds….the dark vixen takes the man from Miss all american sugarpie.

    I am so over it…Jen should just be classy and be quiet…now we have to hear about jen’s reaction….

  22. paleface

    “Lucky kid”? Try unlucky kid. I’m sure Ang will be a good mother, she’s already established that with Mad and Zahara, but Brad as a dad? No thanks. Maturity, moderate egos and dedication DO apply. He’ll get bored. He’ll split.

    I personally think this is news is terrible. I am sooooo sick of hearing about ‘great’, ‘adventurous’, ‘fabulous’, ‘beautiful’ blah, blah, they are. Ugh. Just go away.

  23. cleopatrajones

    Do you guys actually think that Jen waited til after the official divorce to sleep with Vince? Legal separation began Jan. 7, 2005. The divorce papers went in sometime early March. Both Brad & Jen were free to boink anything and everything that moved at that point. And to the person who said that Maddox and Zahara will now be ignored is a complete idiot. Families all around the world are made up of both biological and adopted children. These families love all their children not just the biological ones. Idiot!

  24. belle

    It doesn’t matter because…THEY WERE ON A BREAK!! lol

  25. tea

    they are liars, they make me sick

  26. tocutetoscoot

    Hottie + Hottie = Hottie(s)

    Yay! I am glad for them! Why dont people give them a break! I sure didnt hear this much shit talked about Woody Allen marrying his daughter!

    What they do is what they do… Congrats!

  27. hellbent

    I’d almost think it was a nice thing for her to have a baby, if I didn’t think she’s pulling the age old,”get pregnant so I can hold onto my man,” schtick. Ever heard of getting with some normal single guy that doesn’t cheat on his wife, Ang? She sucks at choosing men, that’s for sure.

    Brad Pitt, he seems to get bored pretty easy. Always needing a new toy or a new broad to play around with. It’s easy for someone to say they want kiddos, a lot harder to stay for the long haul and parent them. He’ll bail out of being Mr. Family Man when it starts cutting into his fun and when Ang gains 40 pounds and gets wrinkled.

  28. Blazer Mary

    Lucky Kid? Because he/she’s got two good-looking parents? I’m not sure a dip into this gene pool is all it’s cracked up to be. Angelina does have some mental issues that toting around kids on Gulfstreams doesn’t solve. And Brad… hook up with Angelina in the first place confirms that maybe all the dogs aren’t barking in his kennel.

  29. hw0p

    I kind of feel sorry for Maddox and Zahara, NOT because they’ll get less attention and love from their mom

    but because the new baby will be “THE” Jolie-Pitt child….

    it’ll be especially bad if this new kid is beautiful, as some people are predicting. also, it’ll be the only white kid out of the three. probably won’t make a difference to mom, but it will to the rest of “society” and they way the kids are treated by other people.

  30. Paris Hilton's Hymen

    Maddox and Zahara and this fetus have more money than all of us on this post put together.

    Yes, I feel so sorry for them

  31. KittyLiterati

    Sheesh, you lot are a “holier-than-thou” bunch. As if half of you or more wouldn’t have boned Brad Pitt while he was still married had he propositioned you.

    Let Brad and Angie be happy with their Rainbow Brite Color Kids collection.

  32. angelinasucks

    Wow what a suprise, Angie is a mega whore! Brad Pitt is a total turd! They deserve each other.

  33. bestdress

    Legal separation does not give legal permission to “boink” anyone outside of your
    I’m not sure what to do with this news because I don’t care about Brad and Angelina…hmmm what to do?

  34. Pittsburgh

    Has anyone confirmed that it’s Brad’s? Everyone seems to just be assuming, did she actually say it’s his?

  35. elena

    It sounds like you haters have little or no experience with relationships. If you did you would realize that as Blaise Pascal wrote, “the heart has reasons that reason cannot comprehend.” One cannot choose who they fall in true love with. Be they black white, same gender etc….Jen lied to Brad at the beginning of their relationship. She pretended that she was an old fashioned all american girl who was only waiting to start a family because she had not met the right guy. Well, maybe she did not start a family with Brad because he is not the right guy for her. Obviously Brad is the right guy for Angelina.–I am an adopted child so I can verify that I may not have grown in my Mom’s
    womb but I definitely grew in her heart. There two of us who are adopted and 3 who are not. We are all ethnically diverse but we were taught to look at others with our hearts and not only our eyes. Look at Seal and Heidi with their daughter. It is obvious that Angie’s kids adore Brad and he adores them. An adult can fake love but little children can’t. But like animals, children can also spot a fake. I think both have made many mistakes and have learned about what it takes in Hollywood to make “happily ever after” a reality for them Jennifer seems to be moving on …I wish her rabid fans could.

  36. beth

    once a couple is legally separated, both parties are free to engage in other relationships. the law guarantees that no one can be sued for infidelity once said parting has taken place. people might not like that brad hooked up with angelina last spring, but since he and jennifer officially separated in january, he didn’t technically cheat. and however freakish she might be, jolie seems like a good mother and pitt has spoken about wanting kids a lot. hopefully (especially for the sake of the children) everything will work out okay.

  37. Fugly Girl

    I give Angelina credit. Once she adopted Maddox you stopped hearing about all the freaky stuff (i.e vials of blood, etc.)she used to do. Speaking from motherly experience having a child can change you completely and it seems it did for her. I think having two parents who love and care for their children, adopted or biological, is a great thing and not very common these days. I don’t necessarily agree with all the boinking that goes on in Hollywood married or not, but congrats to them. I hope they stay together and have a beautiful life with all of their children!

  38. SimpleTina

    Look, Bottom line is- at least it ain’t a Chinnifer Maniston baby!!!

  39. Isimemen

    i love Angelina Jolie and since she started going out with brad i prayed for her everyday to get pregnant with his child. she is a beautiful person within and withal.i know she is going to have a happy life because she has sacrificed her time to make others happy. i hope brad realises that he has got a rare gem in her,

  40. Cait

    I feel sooo bad for jenn!

  41. kimfromtexas

    My horse looks better than Brad Pitt and has more brains. Jen is better off without him. She is much more beautiful and has more class than Jolie. Why do all you care so much about what their doing with their lives? Oh, ya’ll must not have one of your own. Leave them alone. Who cares anyway…go to a rodeo.

  42. Brangelina Fan

    Hey KimfromTExas, how do you figure Jennifer is better looking than Angelina? Why don’t you poll some men and women? You can’t compare the two. Angelina is out of this world. Jennifer is average – she just got lucky – she looks like every girl I went to school with. While Angelina looks like a young Sophia Loren or something. Nobody looks like that. Jennifer looks like a rat. Maybe in Texas, Jennifer would be considered beautiful but not in the rest of the country, my dear.

  43. becky

    hey stupid beth…aniston is fucking and using vince so what is wrong if angie and brad are fucking ok…jen thought she could make brad jealous but it backfired….jen and vance would have a fucking ugly baby that probably looks like you

  44. becky

    besides beth why even bother posting here…you should be posting on aniston’s page about her fake love with vince….she is just fucking him to get over brad…what a user and loser

  45. sarah

    I don’t think that Zahara and Maddox will be left out because of the new baby but I feel sorry for Tom Cruise kids with the biological child coming along.

  46. Nicky

    I agree, they WILL still love the adopted kids. There’s enough love in our hearts for many kids. ANYBODY who has ever had ANY kid in their life, knows how ALL kids get into our hearts and that doesn’t just stop. They won’t stop loving them cuz of a natural baby. Both Angie and Brad seem like natural kid people – STOP hating on them for wanting a large family.

    If Jen had REALLY wanted to have kids while married to Brad, she would/could/should have done so when her character Rachel Green got preggo on Friends. But nooo, Jen wanted a movie career more. Well hope her lukewarm career keeps her warm at night.

  47. Bailey

    Okay.. why so much hate?? I am glad for Brad and Angelina and the baby, but I still like Jennifer and wish that she finds true happiness. It just seems everyone is in one side or another. Can’t we just wish everyone luck and love?

    I think Jennifer is pretty. Angelina is gorgeous. But, according to Cosmopolitan magazine, 75% of men prefer Jen. Why? Angelina seems to be “a handful”.

    Anyway, I don’t think Brangelina will last that much, even if we wish they would. I could be completely wrong, but Hollywood marriages aren’t usually made to last. I could be completely wrong, but they do remind me of that whole Taylor/Fisher/Reynolds scandal. And if memory serves me right, Taylor promptly ditched Fisher for Richard Burton, THE love of her live.

    It would be sad, though. Especially for the kids.

  48. O_Help_Me

    Wow. Are you all drinking the kool-aide. Promoting infidelity, vainity and plain selfishness on the grandest, most public scale possible because you wish you looked like one of them or you’ve never had a positive relationship so have to live through others.

    And I agree, Brad has lost his identity completely, which serves him right. Show me one press clip about “him” that does not mention her influence on him, her children, that he is doing something because she does it, his doing something in preparation for her children, etc. If I was Jen I’d be laughing my arse off at what an idiot he looks like.

    And I also agree also that they behave oddly around one another. Given the stir they’ve caused I’d expect them to be falling all over each other.

  49. JustAnOpinion

    Um…..can ANYONE find a photo of these two behaving as though they are actually a couple?? They seem downright uncomomfortable around each other, much less “in love and impregnated.” It’s odd! Looking back at all of the photos of Brad with Jen, at least they looked into each others eyes and held hands, stood anywhere near each other, etc. But these two, they always have someone sitting in between them, they act like acquaintances for crying out loud. It looks like he is her nanny for crying out loud.

    And, can someone please point me to an example of Jolie’s acting chops? I must have missed the film where she stretched the limits of having puffy lips and bosoms into acting like someone other than herself. She has always gotten her publicity off her relationships (cite: Billy Bob) and not her career. Lame-o.

  50. sad

    i know O_Help me. all of these people are pathetic. it isnt about supporting Aniston and being a fan or “Brangelina”. IT is a matter of right and wrong. ethics. classyness. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have no scruples. they are hollywood trash. not role model material. go find a real person who works hard and leads their lives with ethics, honesty, and nobility to be your role models

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