NEWS FLASH! Alleged Halloween Rapist Peter Braunstein Has Been Captured

Kate Moss and Conde Nast employees can now let out a sigh of relief.

Peter Braunstein, the man police believe is the Chelsea Halloween sex attacker, is now in police custody. Braunstein was caught in Memphis, Tennessee.

Federal sources tell CBS 2 that Braunstein was stopped at the University of Memphis by campus police. He identified himself as Peter Braunstein, and told the cops “I am the man the world is looking for.” He then stabbed himself in the neck. He’s now in critical condition at a Tennessee hospital.

Police believe he’s been there for a few weeks now, and it’s believed he actually was seen November 28, selling his blood for $20. He had said he needed the money to get to Kansas.

He is the man cops claim posed as a firefighter so he could get inside a Chelsea woman’s apartment Halloween night and sexually attack her for hours.

It was a crime that shocked New York City and launched a police manhunt for Braunstein, former magazine editor.

I’m assuming the stabbing himself in the neck part was for dramatic effect. Look to Gawker and Jossip for never ending followup to his arrest.

Cops: We Have Chelsea Halloween Sex Attacker [CBS2]

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