News Bites: The Jonas Brothers Are Bookish

The Jonas Brothers will be releasing a book documenting their recent “Burning Up” tour just in time for Christmas! Burning Up: On Tour with the Jonas Brothers is described as “the first and only book written by Kevin, Joe and Nick.” Could that be a good thing? Just saying. Here they are at their book launch, and is that Sonny from General Hospital? Anyway, you now know what to get the screaming tween given to tears while watching them on TV in your life.

Rachael Ray has revealed that she will be undergoing voice surgery on Dec. 16, which means she will be unable to pronounce the turkey as “yummo” on Christmas. “A lot of people have told me about the surgery and they say the hardest part is just being quiet,” the talk show hostess says, and noted that she planned on communicating by paper and pencil. That’s probably going to be a huge quantity of Post-its.

Dancing with the Stars favorite to win Brooke Burke says she’s pretty sure she took the prize for her performance during the finale taping last night. We shall see! “I feel like we’ve done everything we needed to do this season,” she says. “And no matter what happens on the show – tonight, we can go home, and I feel like we won.” Anyone who managed not to bludgeon Cloris Leachman is a winner in our book, Brooke.

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