News Bites: Someone Managed To Sum Up ‘Gossip Girl’ Fairly Succinctly

There’s a collection of subway artists that go around defacing posters advertising movies and tv in the NYC subway stations in various witty ways. And they’ve gotten to those Gossip Girl posters. Hee.

Pineapple Express stoner James Franco has literary aspirations. At a recent book party, he revealed that he’s planning on attending a college in New York City to secure his MFA in fiction writing. No word on which school. Let’s hope he takes some sort of a copyright class to learn that stealing t-shirt designs is all sorts of wrong. Thieving bastard.

Usher has re-hired his mom Jonnetta Patton as his manager. He reportedly fired her ass because his wife Tameka Foster couldn’t stand her ass. His latest album Here I Stand was pretty much a bust compared to the last one. And it looks like he realized his mistake. Moms always know best.