News Bites: Paul Newman’s Children Speak

Paul Newman’s surviving children have released a statement concerning their father’s death. “Paul Newman played many unforgettable roles. But the ones for which he
was proudest never had top billing on the marquee,” his children Stephanie, Susan, Neil, Clea and Lissy said in a statement. “Our father was a rare symbol of selfless humility, the last
to acknowledge what he was doing was special. Intensely private, he
quietly succeeded beyond measure in impacting the lives of so many with
his generosity.” Newman passed away Friday at 83 at his home in Connecticut.

Senator Ted Kennedy was rushed to the hospital on Friday due to a seizure. The senator, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in May, was taken to a Cape Cod hospital by a fire department squad. “Doctors believe the incident was triggered by a change in medication,”
a police spokesman said. “Senator Kennedy will return home
tonight and looks forward to watching the debate.”

The LA County DA has decided not to press charges against hip-hop artist Kanye West. West was arrested earlier this month after he smashed a camera belonging to a photographer who was trying to snap his photo in an American Airlines terminal at LAX.

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