News Bites: Katie Holmes Is In Detox

March 1st, 2009 // 8 Comments

-The specific reason that Katie Holmes chose not to attend the Academy Awards is reportedly the strict detox the actress is undergoing, which has left her exhausted. Reportedly, she’s doing this in preparation for conceiving her second child with Tom Cruise and NOT because of a callous comment made by Suri Cruise about her mother’s weight, as some news outlets are reporting.

-The siren song of the Jonas Brothers isn’t as effective as we thought. The box office returns on the opening weekend of their movie Jonas Brothers: The 3D Experience. Initially, expectations for a $30 million weekend take were strong, but after taking in $4.8 million, that’s not looking likely. Box office expert Jeff Bock told E!, “When you factor in the ticket prices, you’re talking about a movie that’s underperforming.”

-Legendary radio personality Paul Harvey has passed away at the age of 90. Often referred to as “the voice of Middle America,” the long-time radio host died near his winter home in Phoenix, at a nearby hospital. Good day!

Gallery Info: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes leaving Il Sole restaurant in Los Angeles.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. katie dresses down for tom

    Guess Tom and Katie are not that important after all.! Since you
    put in other people in their
    little section. She looks ten X
    better in NYC alone than she does
    with her husband and stepdaughter
    who you socialite cut out of the

  2. Penny

    More like being in solitary confinement for being more successful than Teeny Tiny Tom. Gotta purge those Broadway thetans, ya know.

  3. Anonymous

    Since Scientology detox is not based on any actual medical science and is actually quite harmful to the body (especially the liver), whether Katie gets pregnant again will still rely on Tom can perform. And with other wives, he had to adopt kids. So, don’t hold your breath for kid number 2.

  4. Noname

    Everyone is buzzing about Rihanna. I think this poor woman is being subjected to a whole lot more terrifying abuse. A deletion of character and independent thought.

  5. tvdb

    another creepy scientology thing. She always looks like she’s exhausted these days.

  6. Martiniman

    That’s right Tom, NEVER remove your hand from her…it’s the controlling touch. Guess its “mental” bruising with this couple.

  7. Qepypkte

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