News Bites: Kathy Griffin Gets A Book Deal

-The New York Observer is reporting that comedian and Emmy award-winning reality TV star Kathy Griffin has just penned a $2 million book deal to write her memoirs. We’re hoping there will be a chapter dedicated to Celine Dion and Whitney Houston a piece.

-Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima has eloped with Los Angeles Clippers guard Marko Jaric in an intimate ceremony in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. However, Lima claims that the MySpace page hinting that she might be pregnant is a fake. According to her rep, “Marko and Aridana are very happy, but not with child.”

-Sean Penn didn’t party with the producers of Milk at their private post-Oscar party held at BLT Steak on Sunset Boulevard. We’re hoping it’s because he opted to shower his wife Robin Wright Penn with flowers and lots of special attention after NEGLECTING TO MENTION HER IN HIS ACCEPTANCE SPEECH. Dude, after last year’s shenanigans, it’s the least you can do.

Gallery Info: Kathy Griffin performing at the WaMu Theatre in Madison Square Garden.