News Bites: Jim Carrey & Jake Gyllenhaal Get Musical

-Comedian Jim Carrey is set to take on the role of the devil, with Jake Gyllenhaal playing a man who sells his soul for a change to embody a star baseball player. The musical, Damn Yankees, will be produced by New Line Cinema and is a remake of the 1958 classic film. No word yet on who will take on the role of the sexy seductress Lola, whose goal it is to help secure the acquisition of this bartered soul.

-Ed McMahon is in the ICU with his condition listed as “extremely serious.” A source revealed to TMZ that the TV legend is saying his situation is “not great, to say the least.” The 85-year-old has been in the hospital for weeks, treating various ailments including bone cancer and pneumonia.

-Eddie Murphy will be starring in a biopic about the life of legendary comedian Richard Pryor. Dreamgirls director Bill Condon will be the driving force behind crafting Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said? Is it too early to go ahead and start betting on Eddie snagging that Oscar?

Gallery Info: Jake Gyllenhaal at the Celebration of David Fincher at the 24th Santa Barbara Film Festival.