News Bites: Hilary Duff Sees Dead People

-Old friends Jennifer Love Hewitt and Hilary Duff will be mixing business with friendship when Duff guest stars on Ghost Whisperer. Hilary says of her character, “I’m kind of being haunted by someone that I was in a relationship with before they passed away. He had unfinished business with me, and I’m having nightmares of being turned upside down in my apartment, like when I’m sleeping on the bed, I’m actually going to be hanging from the ceiling.” Happens to the best of us, Hil.

-Five Killers will bring together Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl. Katherine discovers that her husband is a retired hitman and that their assassin neighbors have plans to murder them. To be fair, Katherine seems like she’d be hard to live next door to.

-Box office smash The Dark Knight has broken the one billion dollar mark, putting it in the number fourth place of highest grossing films of all time. Of that total, $533.1 million was made in the U.S. while overseas theaters brought in $468 million.

Gallery Info: Hilary Duff shopping at a pet store.