News Bites: Clay Aiken’s Boyfriend Is Reed Kelly

December 9th, 2008 // 13 Comments

-No longer will Clay Aiken be a single dad. The American Idol runner-up is off the market, according to Star magazine. Broadway dancer Reed Kelly is the one running his hands through Clay’s wavy red locks. The two met early this year during Aiken’s run in Spamalot. The two even stepped out together at Rosie O’Donnell‘s Building Dreams for Kids gala looking very much like a couple. Who’s

-New York Daily News gossip staple that is Rush & Molloy’s column is moving to the Sunday edition of the paper. Replacing its spot will be the formerly retired Gatecrasher column to be revived by Laura Schreffler and Sean Evans. Married couple George Rush and Joanna Molloy will have to limit themselves to weekend gossipin’–the lucky bastards.

-Recently-divorced Bill Murray sightings at New York hot spots and parties have become more and more common among 20-something hipsters in the area. The Lost in Translation star hit up a house party in NYC on Halloween and has been seen in and around the city at trendy venues. Move over Gossip boys, there’s a new party boy in town.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. HER

    OMG! My hormones are on fire! Gorgeous guy-eyes, smile, and the rest of him!
    Kudos to Clay! Not only is the guy UBER hot, but he looks like a really nice guy.

  2. katie

    I agree with “Her”. He is totally super hot!!! No wonder Clay is with him, how could he resist those eyes and that smile!!! I’m melting here just looking at his pics. [hehe nice body too! Is that a banana in his shorts or is he just happy to be with Clay? WOW.]

  3. Jilly

    Is it just me, or does he look a bit like Jake Gyllenhaal?

  4. IndicaGirl

    I soooo agree with Jilly! Amazing….

  5. Claymate

    Yes… The Relay! I love them together.

  6. suzanne

    Definitely looking like Jakey-poo

  7. Julie

    Rumor or truth? I love Clay and wish him much happiness but the Star is mostly rumor, innuendo, bits of truth and lots of made up stories.
    If that picture of them isn’t photoshopped, Reed Kelly must be really tall since Clay is 6’1″
    If by some chance it Is true, I’m very happy for Clay. He’s a great guy who deserves the best.
    Absolutely mesmerizing in his concerts. Funny, snarky, connects with the audience like nobody I’ve ever seen, and an amazing voice. There’s nobody quite like him.

  8. bob

    Clay is way out of his league! Reed you could do soooo much better! Clay Aiken ewww gross!

  9. WickedFANatic

    I’ve seen Wicked several times in New York and Reed Kelly seems to be one of the tallest ones in the cast. He has legs that go on for days!! I have seen him coming out of the stage door at the Gershwin Theater. If Clay is 6’1″ I would certainly put Reed at 6’2″ then. Hunky, hunky!!

  10. Kurt

    Ha! “THE RELAY”! Is that their nick name? Like Branjolina?? That’s a good one! LMAO.

  11. susie

    Reed looks like Pee Wee Herman with Pinnochio’s affliction. Gah. Clay and Reed are both dogs imo.

  12. unknown

    Clay used to be my role model, and I looked up to him so much I have went to so many of his concerts, but if I would of known that he was gay I would have never supported him. And how can he say he is christian….being gay is not one of god 10 commandments. I don’t think god is to happy about that! But I hope he reads this cause there are a lot of people who have backed down from supporting him for being gay. I just wish that he said something from the begginning instead of lying to everyone!

  13. Dinah

    To “Unknown”

    Really? You don’t even have the nerve to leave your name? And if you’re really a Christian then you’re a poor one. Did you forget “Judge not less ye be judged” your whole post was a righteous sin. Being gay is not one of the ten commandments but you tell me which one of the commandments specifically says Thou shalt not be gay? If you TRUELY believe in God then you would also understand that HE creates us as we are and does it not say in the Bible that God loves ALL his creations? You act as judge and jury and I’m ashamed for you. The reason people don’t come out right away is because they know there’s always going to be this small group of people who appoint themselves with the authority of the all mighty and think they are worthy enough to judge another. Did you know that dogs, dolphins, and several other animals engage in same sex fornication. God made them didn’t he? Are they going to hell for following their instincts? The Bible is meant as a guide and man added his own ideas to it as was called for in the times it was written, their own interpretation NOT Gods and until God himself comes down and says “I wrote the Bible” not a single person on this earth can be arrogant enough to truly presume to know His great intentions. You think Clay is a sinner? Well so are you, you’re guilty of judgment, arrogance, slander, and intolerance. You’re going to stop supporting Clay because he’s gay? I thought you said YOU were Christian. Jesus kissed lepers and spared PROSTITUTES.

    I’ll pray for your soul.

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