News Bites: Carla Gugino Does ‘Watchmen’ And Dishes ‘Details’

-Taking on the role of another doe-eyed yet world-weary sexy vixen, Carla Gugino poses for Details magazine wearing next to nothing and talked about her upcoming role in the graphic novel film adaptation of Watchmen as Sally Jupiter.

-Sex and the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker claims that the upcoming film sequel will take into account the current economic climate, but that it’s been difficult. “How do we address these economic times in a franchise that has a lot to do with luxury and labels?” Suddenly the whole  “Manolos vs. groceries” discussion doesn’t seem quite so whimsical anymore.

-Tom Cruise is reportedly in talks to star in The Matarese Circle, the upcoming David Cronenberg thriller and would have the actor pitted against Denzel Washington’s character as two enemy spies plotting kill one another.

Gallery Info: Star of Watchmen, Carla Gugino poses for Details magazine.