December 4th, 2003 // 6 Comments

So Chloe is an actual fashion victim.

Sevigny was “play fighting” Damhave when “she fell off her Balenciaga boots.”

The 29-year-old actress recently lost four of her teeth in a scuffle with New York fashion designer Matt Damhave, according to United Press International.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Mikale

    I’d say this is karma trying to tell the world to wake up stop idolizing a talentless ug like Chloe Sevigny. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  2. martin

    DITTO to Mikale’s comments (LMAO!)

  3. smashholly

    that’s pretty cold. who’s idolizing her? more importantly, who cares? she’s a talented hollywood actress who’s been nominated for an oscar. despite having irregular features, she has earned her way into american [trash] cinema by being compelling and talented. YOU sound a bit insecure and your inhuman reaction suggests that you are threatened by youth and success. shame on you for having such a cold, insensitive attitude. i’ll bet your defense will have something to do with Chloe being rich and successful. Telling, isn’t it?

    That you would have less sympathy for someone’s pain based on a different set of circumstances [someone you don't know] says much more about you than it does hollywood or the media. look in the bloody mirror you twit!

  4. drinkycrow

    yes, rather cold. especially when you consider her unfortunate taste in boyfriends. life’s not been good to poor chloe…

  5. J.Sevigny

    Personally, I don’t see any reason for dissing any actor/actress like that. Sure, we laugh and make funny comments when they do/say something stupid, like Sally Field’s “You love me, you really love me!” But that’s simply humor. I see nothing wrong with Chloe’s acting ability, and I wouldn’t make fun of her reguardless of us being related. I don’t see any reason for saying such rude things about anyone, but I guess I’m just odd like that compared to the rest of society today.

  6. tilly

    chloe sucks. karma is a boomerang.

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