News On Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Los Angeles Trip!

The popular kids are coming to Hollywood, so the posers best be hitting the road if they know what’s good for them.

The Daily Mail reports that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Los Angeles visit has the show business capitol up in arms about the the best parties to throw. One socialite has been quoted as saying, “If you don’t get invited you will have to leave town to avoid humiliation. There hasn’t been excitement like this about a trip since the days of Princess Di.”

The royal couple are only scheduled to be in California from July 8th-10th, following their week-long trip to Canada.  Soooo, whatever parties these uncool commoners have planned had better be good.  The Duke and Duchess will obviously pick and choose what they’ll do and where they’ll go.  It’s also being reported that their Los Angeles trip will be cut short so that Wills and Kate can visit San Francisco and Yosemite National Park.  Are they the cutest?

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Another source told the Mail that “the Royal visit is the talk of Hollywood. The deal is that several stars and organisations have been asked to put forward proposals for charity events and galas.  William and Kate will go through all the options and it will be down to them to pick what they want to do.”

Rumor has it that Wills and Kate will stay in the presidential bungalow at the Beverly Hills hotel.  Victoria Beckham is so excited about their arrival that she’s supposedly having her cesarean section scheduled for July 4th-Just enough time to heal before curtsying!

It gives me great pleasure to see Hollywood go star-eyed in the face of royalty.  Perhaps they’re human after all.