Newlyweds Alec Baldwin & Hilaria Thomas Spotted In NYC [PHOTOS]

Alec Baldwin's Gal
Baldwin's real-life Avery Jessup, Hilaria Thomas.
Guess who is officially hitched?

That would be 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin and his lovely bride, Hilaria Thomas. The two were married yesterday at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. While we didn’t get to see Hilaria’s dress, we assume it was gorgeous. I mean, she’s a yoga instructor and her body is flawless. Things just don’t look bad on her. 10 Colleen Donaghy Quotes From ’30 Rock’

Alec doesn’t seem to be very excited about his new marriage. Maybe it’s the fact that there is still paparazzi following him around. Don’t worry Alec, now that you’re married they’ll probably follow you around less. But that wasn’t the case this weekend! Oh, do you not remember what happened?

Oh, you know the usual. Alec got into an argument on Friday with a photographer and grabbed his arm, told him to fuck off, pretty much what you would expect. You can check out the video of the exchange below.

Launch the gallery to see photographs of the newlyweds outside their hotel and don’t forget to watch the video. Don’t they know better than to mess with an Irish guy with a temper?

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