Newly Responsible Nicole Richie’s Probation Extended

Childcare whaaaat? reported today that Nicole Richie’s probation has been extended to March 2011.  The probation stems from a 2006 DUI arrest after Richie drove the wrong way on a Los Angeles freeway.  I won’t beat a dead horse or turn this into a PSA, but we all know how stupid drunk driving is. 

Dear celebrity peepertons and those who make enough to hire a driver: HIRE. A. DRIVER.  Have the cocktail, flash the papp, then call a car service.

The probation was scheduled to end next month, but Richie hasn’t completed the required amount of alcohol education classes.  Richie’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, told the judge she got program-approved leaves of absence for childcare (Richie gave birth to son, Sparrow, last September and is mom to two-year-old Harlow).  The term could still end early if Richie completes the program before March 2011.  Until then, she’ll have to behave herself (let’s hope so.  She’s got two boppers at home!).

Taking a break from the boppers, Richie attended the opening of the Mid City Centre shopping complex in Sydney, Australia last Friday night.