New York City Blogs & the Onslaught of Ryan Seacrest

I’ve created a little list of links (in the right hand side column) of my favorite New York City blogs. These blogs tend to write about NYC itself, as well as the people of NYC. Blogs such as Chorie Sicha (obviously a NYC blogger – but it’s more of a personal blog), will remain in the Blogs Socialites Read category.

That being said. I must comment on a posting of one of my favorite blogs NewYorkish. The TV Pan of the Week – Ryan Seacrest’s new talk show. It”s unbearable to watch. It’s like TRL on methamphetamines. All the screaming – it must be stopped. Ryan Seacrest also happens to be one of the most plastic personalities living. With the arrival of a new season of American Idol, and Ryan’s taking over of American Top 40 for Casey Kasem, it will be hard to avoid the most likely closeted talking head.