New Shirtless Robert Pattinson ‘New Moon’ Poster

March 30th, 2009 // 16 Comments

The first poster for “New Moon,” showing hottie Robert Pattinson showing some chest, has just hit the net – the only thing that still has to be established at this point is whether it is the real deal or just a fan-made fake. Oh yeah, and there was a second poster as well.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Liz

    OMG!!!!!!! HE LOOKS SO HOT… YUMMY!!!!!

  2. AshliCalifornia

    This was confirmed to be fan art about a month ago. They would be good media for the movie, though!

  3. Nicole

    yep this was fan art made aroung february 25th after summit released the offical new moon logo. the only offical poster was just revealed yesterday and it is the logo on black. nothing else yet

  4. hoosiermom

    How can anyone say that boy is hot? He is mediocre looking AT BEST.

  5. ROBsessed

    LMAO! Guys this is fake! I was wondering when it would hit major sites! Kudos to whoever made it :)

  6. Beth

    This is fanmade. It has been around for like 2 months now!!! There are so many of these fanmade posters around. They are very good too!! But ask yourself this: How can there be any posters of a movie that hasn’t really started filming yet?

  7. UnintendedChoice

    While this is (kinda but not really) hot and we’d all LOVE for Rob to have THAT body… it’s not real.. it’s fan made by some teen Twi-fan and has been around for months.

    I take it back.. I like Rob soft and cuddly… Or with a 6 pack.. or a 4 pack.. or no pack.. I dunno.. i just like Rob..

  8. Kels

    Plus, I doubt Summit would put a turkey in the upper right corner. That’s someone’s watermark.

  9. Nicky

    I was going to say it looks like someone’s just stuck Robert’s head on someone else’s body. Looks a bit tacky really. I think the one with Kristen in it is better.

  10. Amy

    Looks like his head was pasted on to a body. He is cute i admit, but it doesn’t look real!

  11. Rob. Lover

    omg this poster is sooooo hott!!!!!

  12. livi

    its totally fan made the head has been airbrushed on in photoshop or somehting

  13. Abby

    OMG! I just got off looking at him!

  14. chelsea giddings


    i love u! u r so hot!
    i love the twilight movie hope to see u soon!

    chelsea giddings

    p.s agian i love u and all my friens do too and thinks that u r hot and u r!
    p.s.s your family in the movie i hope my family was like that but it will never happen cause they got split up! i hope u will become part of my FAMILY. I LOVE U LOTS BABY!

  15. Cqjehyyg

    oW4OtK comment4 ,

  16. LIZA

    Rob looks so hot bare chest.I luv him!!

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