New ‘Sex and the City 2′ Trailer With Big Surprises

The first stills and trailer from the Sex and the City sequel hinted at a desert oasis and now the full length trailer (

Watch the video after the jump.) tells us the girls are headed to Abu Dhabi. It also tells us a lot more.

Spoilers – Big gets some distraction by Penelope Cruz and Aiden bumps into Carrie at a street market in Abu Dhabi and Carrie seems to be considering her options. Didn’t see any of the 80s stuff so wonder where that flashback fits in. Overall it looks good, better than the first one and I’m interested to see the SATC girls tackle all the new issues in their life (well except for Samantha whose only issue seems be taking more pills than usual.)

Sarah Jessica Parker who recently lamented that filming the sequel took her away from her family has enjoyed dropping off and picking up her son James Wilkie from school (and in those cute clogs.)