New Season Of ‘Supernatural’ To Have Different Producer & More Nakedness

Fans of the hit show Supernatural were sort of freaking out when they heard creator Eric Kripke was handing the show over to Sara Gamble for Season 6. She has some new ideas, a bigger production budget and some steamier scenes for actors Jared Padalicki eand Jensen Ackles. Nobody is arguing with that idea. Seen here filming, the two guys look hot on the new set of Supernatural on September 2nd.

“It was a bit of a guard change,” Padalecki says, “But it wasn’t abrupt.
She’s been a big part of the show for many, many years. On that note,
the show had to change a little bit. Eric’s already said that he had a
5-year arc for the show, so now that’s ended, we’ve had to change the
actual show a bit.”

Jensen Ackles who recently directed his first episode, was impressed with all that Kripke had been in charge of previously. “Eric controlled the size of the script. How big it was, how many
characters were written, how many different locations there were, and he
was able to really dial it back and make it a doable show within our
budget and the time frame that we were filming,” Ackles said.

Season 6 premieres at 9 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 24th. According to the guys, not much will change other than a bigger, better and more exciting episode set.

Padalecki was married to costar Genevieve Cortese back in March. So the on screen chemistry should be even more naughty. 

“I’m naked a lot more,” Padalecki said.

Sweet, that is all it takes for me to tune into anything.