NEW PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson Is Alive!

August 27th, 2009 // 8 Comments

UPDATE: Added three more pics to the set! It’s been along time since we’ve seen Robert Pattinson. Specifically since he was seen kissing Kristen Stewart at the Kings of Leon concert.

He’s seen here on the set of Eclipse and looking mighty fine, even if the view is only through a car window! We missed you Rob!

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Carolin

    I’m glad to see these pics. I really thought he tried to stay out of the public eye altogether. But he looks not happy to me. Poor haunted moviestar!

  2. marie

    oh thanks!!! I miss Rob so much!!

  3. dd

    sheesh you would think the photographers would know how to use a long photo lens in order not to spook the celebs into hiding

  4. Nancy

    yay! I love Rob!

  5. mel

    Finally he’s back!!!!!

  6. karen

    i think rob has been out for awhile to concentrate, again, for hie EDWARD role. remember, he used to be on his own before each installment starts shooting..great preparation..indeed a very good actor! i missed you Rob :)


    thank God we finally see him!.. now if we can see Kristen too, or even better- he and Kristen together! ;)

  8. HappySue

    I’m so happy! Robs back. Now if we could see Rob and Kristen. I hope they are OK! Love them.

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